Yes! Mattresses are recyclable!

Michigan Mattress Recyclers provides bulk mattress removal for hotels, hospitals, colleges, universities, nursing homes and assisted living communities across Michigan and much of the Midwest.

We save these industries thousands of dollars. Here’s how:

Disposing used mattresses in landfills is costly.  Landfills don’t want them because mattresses take decades to break down and are big and bulky, which means they can damage expensive landfill equipment. That’s why they charge up to $40 for each mattress.

Factor in fees for removing and transporting your used mattresses to the landfill and the price per mattress increases to between $50 and $60.

Michigan Mattress Recyclers charge only $20 per mattress. And, we’ll coordinate to pick up your used mattresses while your new ones are being delivered. For an additional fee, we’ll install your new mattresses. All used mattresses are then broken down into their separate components and recycled.

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